your best solution

We are committed to creating functional elegant spaces with expertise in Residential, Commercial and Retail services
Our interior design team brings a high level of creativity to every project.

our process

Our design framework is the road map to realizing our vision for each of our clients, gives structure to projects and allows us to focus on providing a tailored service throughout each phase of the design process.


Our first step includes preliminary studies of the site. We will find out more about you and your design ambitions for the project along with your timescales and budgets, we’ll work with you to build a detailed brief and identify your design needs.


Next is the beginning of the creative process. At Recherché, we use the latest trends combined with innovations that give us great ideas. We try to add functionality to your space, develop architectural layouts for your property as we begin to investigate finishes and design styles.


Throughout the design development stage, we get into the detail of the scheme. We’ll refine the internal layouts and specify key finishes and materials for the floors, walls, furniture etc. while we define the lighting concepts and other requirements for final sign off. We move to the implementation.


As the project concludes, we will visit the site to inspect all the works and prepare a schedule of defects if required.
We’ll suggest remedies for the defects and implement same as quickly as possible.